Arvixe Hosting Review

Arvixe has been hosting individuals and companies for over 10 years now, and in that time they’ve gotten pretty good at it. They offer shared and reseller packages, VPS hosting, and cloud and bare metal dedicated server solutions. Catering to both Linux and Windows users and with extremely competitive pricing, they’re a great host for those developers looking for a little more flexibility in their server provider.

Prices starting at $3.27/Month

Shared Hosting

Arvixe has a range of shared solutions for everything from the individual cat blogger enthusiast to a full on budding ecommerce site. More so than other companies (aside from A2 Hosting [link to A2 hosting]) Arvixe’s core shared hosting package is enormously robust. Every single shared hosting plan includes:

  • Unlimited disk space and monthly transfers
  • Unlimited domain aliases and subdomains
  • Domain name for life
  • Server locations in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong
  • RVSite Builder (a website builder with 500+ templates)
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Softaculous and Attracta SEO installed and ready to go
  • RAID-10 drives
  • Unlimited mail boxes (POP3 and IMAP)
  • Unlimited SQL databases
  • Automatic daily R1 soft backups

It’s pretty clear that even at the base level, Arvixe is offering its customers a huge range of services.

The Personal Class is their bottom tier service. At $4.00 per month for 24 months, so two years of hosting for $96.00, Arvixe has one of the least expensive shared hosting plans on the market. Prices increase to $7.00 per month if you opt for a month to month contract, but even then it remains one of the least expensive plans you can get. In addition to everything above, The Personal Class gets you 6 domains. You can upgrade to Personal Class Pro for $7.00 per month for 24 months, which increases up to $10.00 per month if you pay month to month. The only difference is that you get more domains (unlimited) instead of 6.

Arvixe’s Business Class plans start at $22.00 per month for 24 months (increases to $30.00 per month if you pay month to month). The substantial increase in price gets you far more computing power because like a lot of competitors, they load their business class servers with far less accounts, giving more resources to the few that are there. Business Class Pro includes unlimited domains (instead of 6) and both the standard Business Class and the Pro plans include SSL certificates ($30.00 per year) and priority support ($25.00 per month) for free.

All of Arvixe’s shared hosting servers are custom built with 15K RPM SCSI, SSD RAID- 10 drives, have (at least) 92GB RAM and are powered by Intel Xeon E5620 processors.

Furthermore, Arvixe goes to exemplary lengths to protect their shared hosts. They’re SAS 70 type II certified, have a DDoS response system set up, have a brute force detection engine, and they use a firewall to block unnecessary ports.

Reseller hosting

Arvixe’s reseller plans start at $20.00 per month for a 12 month contract, and up to $25.00 for a month to month deal. That gets you:

  • 50GB disk space
  • 500GB  monthly data transfers
  • Server locations in the US, Europe, or Hong Kong
  • WHMCS license
  • Unlisted domain aliases, subdomains, and FTP accounts
  • WebDAV
  • Free SSL certificate for life

The more expensive Reseller Class Pro ($50.00 per month on a 12 month contract, $55.00 on a month to month) gets you 200GB disk space and 2000GB monthly data transfers.

VPS hosting

Arvixe has three reseller plans. The least expensive starts at $20.00 per month for a 12 month contract ($30.00 if you go month to month), and the top tier VPS Class Pro option rolling in at $70.00 per month ($80.00 month to month).

The VPS Class Lite plan gets you an unmanaged (advanced server management knowledge required) VPS server with 20GB dedicated disk space, 1GB dedicated memory, and dual 2 Ghz CPU cores. As far as hosting options go, it’s one of the most stripped back on the market.

Their highest plan comes fully managed with 50GB dedicated dis space, 1.5GB dedicated memory, quad 2 Ghz CPU cores and a whole bunch of other benefits, like:

  • Your server is ready to go with SQL databases, SSL, cPanel and WHM control, and you can use any language you want
  • CloudFlare CDN
  • Softaculous and Attracta

Dedicated hosting

Arvixe has two dedicated hosting options, each with their own pricing tier. The first is cloud dedicated hosting, starting at $108 per month. That gets you 8 cores, run by Dual 2.94 Ghz Intel Xeon-Westmere 5670-Hexcore processors, 150GB RAID-10 storage, 4GB dedicated memory, and unlimited data transfers. For $149.00 per month, you’ll get 300Gb dedicated disk space, 8GB dedicated memory, and 16 CPU cores. All of their cloud options run on CentOS 6.5 and are fully managed.

Their bare metal dedicated hosting options start at $429.00 per month and go up to $719.00 per month. They’re made of a Dual Intel Xeon Processor E5620 (12M Cache, 2.40 GHz), 12 GB RAM, and 1 TB HDD. Further customization (RAID level, OS, control panel) can all be added later.


Like other hosting companies, Arvixe does support Perl and Perl modules via cPanel and module installer for all of their plans. However, like other hosting companies, they’re clear that they are not a software company, and while they have some useful info in their knowledgebase, if you do want to embark on major Perl projects, then you’re going to be relying heavily on support from elsewhere.

However, they are developer-friendly both in reputation and in action, so if Perl is essential to you then you can definitely find some flexibility with Arvixe.

Technical details

  • MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL database, accessed with SSH, phpMyAdmin, or phpPgAdmin
  • PHP 5, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Perl with module installer
  • SSI
  • Shared SSL
  • ImageMagick
  • Curl, DomXML, and mod_rewrite
  • ionCube and PHP Loader
  • Git
  • HTML editor
  • Cron jobs


Arvixe has a reputation and an enthusiasm for tinkering developers that’s unrivaled among other hosting companies. So if you’re after a full freedom sort of hosting environment with other tech heads, then they’re a fantastic option.

The second major selling point or Arvixe is their phenomenal pricing and massive range of included services that normally charge basic plans a premium to access. So even if you’re just getting started, Arvixe might be worth a try.

Prices starting at $3.27/Month

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