Just Host Hosting Review

Just Host is yet another manifestation of the Endurance International Group (EIG). Their core focus is small businesses and individuals looking to get online quickly, but who want a little more control then that provided by someone like iPage [link to iPage review].

Prices starting at $3.95/Month

Shared hosting

Like any entry-level hosting company, shared hosting is the primary service of Just Host. As such, they have a good selection of plans to suit most people looking to share a server (note: since Just Host is owned by EIG, their product and services are identical to Bluehost and HostMonster).

Each Shared Hosting package comes with your hosting basics like email, MySQL databases, CentOS 6 (they’re a LAMP hosting company), FTP access, and cPanel access with a range of language options (including Perl). Since Just Host is really aimed at individuals and small businesses, a huge part of their appeal is their 1-click installs for most website needs. Each plan comes with 1-click installs for:

  • WordPress
  • Concrete5
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • TomatoCart
  • Trendy (a website builder)

Their plans also use SimpleScript library to expand what you can 1-click install even more, and all their services are backed by their anytime money back guarantee.

Starter Plan: $5.99

The Starter Plan has an RRP of $5.99 with a 36 month contract, increasing steadily up to $7.99 if you pay month-to-month (that’s an extra $72 over 36 months). However, to lower the barrier of entry, Just Host have a first-month special for $2.95. That buys you:

  • 100 email accounts
  • 100GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth (more on this in a minute)
  • 1 domain and 1 year of domain registration, 25 subdomains, and 5 parked domains
  • 20 MySQL databases with 1,000 database tables
  • Basic CloudFlare CDN caching
  • Site Backup Pro (the basic version)

The Starter plan provides enough space and resources to get you going with your website. But for more power and the ability to handle more traffic on a regular basis you’re going to want to upgrade.

Plus Plan: $9.49 per month

The Plus Plan at its cheapest is $9.49 but with a 48 month contract. They also have prices available at the month to month level, retailing for $14.99 per month as well as 6, 12, 24, and 36 month contracts. In addition to everything that the Starter Plan comes with, the Plus Plan also includes:

  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited domain hosting and subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Spam protection on 1 domain

However, unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited. It’s subject to terms of service, but for 99.95% of people, the actual limit is so high you’ll never hit it. Just Host regularly runs statistical analysis on their users to establish what ‘normal’ use is. Then they set the actual limit far higher and warn you if you approach it. If users are using their server space to host websites like they’re supposed and not, for example, for storage, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Pro Plan: $19.99 per month

The Pro Plan is significantly more expensive because it’s run on Just Host’s Premier servers, which really just means that there are less accounts per server. The result is that each Pro account gets a much larger share of the available resources, and so is far more able to handle heavy traffic loads. In addition to more computing power, the extra money you’re spending ($19.99 on a 36 month contract, price increases as contract length decreases up to $24.99 on a 12 month contract) gets you a pile of add-ons and perks, including:

  • 300,000 file count (vs 50,000 of the Starter and the Plus plans)
  • Lifetime domain registration ($14.99 per year)
  • Privacy domain ($11.88 Domain Privacy per domain per year)
  • Dedicated IP ($47.88 per year)
  • SSL certificate ($59.88 per year)
  • 3,000 database tables
  • Improved Site Backup Pro (Pro version – it means you can select individual MySQL databases to restore, among other perks –$23.88 per year)
  • SpamExperts for 2 domains ($35.88 per domain name per year)

All in all, it adds up to over $180 per year in extras. If you’re building a site that you need all these extras for (in particular SSL, which is about 30% of your savings) then the Pro Plan is definitely worth considering. But if you’re just starting out, then a less expensive plan on shorter contract might be a better option, and then you can upgrade as you go.

VPS hosting

Just Host also offers a range of VPS options. Each VPS server comes with an enhanced cPanel control panel, root access to manipulate (or change) CentOS via cPanel or WHM, cloud technology (for seamless scaling) and fantastic server speed made possible by OpenStack and KVM hypervisor (same as other EIG hosting companies).

VPS hosting starts at $29.99 per month for a month-to-month contract. This decreases to $24.99 if you sign a 12 month contract. Of course, there is a discount for the first month bringing the price down to $14.99.

This increases up to the Ultimate Plan for $119.99 month to month or $99.99 per month for a 12 month contract. Again, there’s a 50% discount for the first month bringing the price to $59.99.

The Standard Plan comes with dual 2.2 Ghz cores with 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, 1TB per month in bandwidth, a domain name and 1 dedicated IP. The Ultimate Plan gets you quad 2.2 Ghz cores, 8GB RAM, 240GB storage, 4TB per month of bandwidth, and an extra dedicated IP address.

Dedicated hosting

Just Host also offers dedicated servers with instant provisioning, RAID- 1 storage (you can get up to 2TB in upgraded SAN storage for $200 per month), root access, enhanced caching with server RAM, and a dedicated support line, all backed by the Just Host anytime money back guarantee.

Their dedicated hosting plans start at $124.99 for a 12 month contract. That gets you a Dual core, 2.3 GHz Intel Xeon Processor, 3 MB cache, 4GB RAM, 500GB storage, 5TB per month in bandwidth, and 3 dedicated IPs. As always, there’s a first month sale bringing your first month to $74.99.

Their top tier dedicated server is much the same except that it uses a Quad core, 3.3 GHz Intel Xeon Processor, 8MB cache, 16GB RAM, 1000GB RAID-1 storage, 15TB monthly bandwidth, and 5 dedicated IPs.

Their dedicated servers are run on CentOS 6.5 (64 bit) by default.


Like most hosting companies, they support Perl scripts via cPanel and run Perl 5. This ensures that virtually all of the CPAN repository will be compatible with your server, whether you’re hosting on shared, VPS, or dedicated. Some potential uses include mod_perl, mod_cgi, and mod_fastcgi.

When it comes to support, Just Host provides its customers with at least some resources in their knowledgebase about CGI/Perl (the most common use of Perl today), but stress that they’re not software developers.

Technical details

  • LAMP host with CentOS 6, Apache 2.2.29, MySQL 5.5, and PHP 5
  • Supports custom PHP.INI files
  • Python , Ruby with Ruby on Rails framework, and Perl 5
  • MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, and Shockwave support
  • phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, and SSH access


Just Host has the same benefits and drawbacks as other core EIG brands. They offer good customer service and a robust offering at a good price. Along with their excellent uptime, they’re a good fit for most individuals looking for a hosting company. However, the drawback is that if you want something particular or you’re an advanced server developer looking to get your hands dirty, then the cookie cutter solutions provided by Just Host and EIG in general might not be for you.


Prices starting at $3.95/Month

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